Monday, February 16, 2009

Natural remidies for sick Bunchkins :)

Here is a Mustard plaster recipe (it is used for breaking up mucus and conjestion)

1 Tbs. Dry Mustard
1 Tbs. Soda
3 Tbs. Flour
Mix that in a bowl and moisten with vinegar to make a paste. Fold a towel and put the paste inside the fold. (so that it will not touch skin directly) Rub the chest with Vaseline and put the towel on top of chest. Pin in place by wrapping a cloth from the front to the back.

The next recipe is for any kind of sickness. It will help draw out the bad toxins in the body.
Cut up onion or Garlic (Garlic works better) into little pieces.
Place the cut onion/Garlic on two small cloths.
Rub bottom of feet with Vaseline and put cloth on bottom of foot so the onion/garlic are directly on the foot. Cloth is there to just hold the onion/garlic on. (also, make sure the onion/garlic do not touch any part of the foot that does not have Vaseline. it can burn skin that is not lubricated)
To secure the cloth onto the bottom of the foot, use ace wrap to wrap around the feet and cloth. If you do not have ace wrap, duck tape works great as well.
I do this at night and just leave it on over night. Your baby will smell pretty bad, but it REALLY works.

For a vaporizer tent, just put baby in the crib (or kid on the couch) and get a large sheet to put over the top of the crib. (or chairs to prop a sheet over the couch)
Put Vick's rub in vaporizer and let the steam come into the tent.
It works really well when they have a barking cough, or just seam to have a hard time breathing normal.
Also, rubbing the chest with Vick's rub while they are under the tent works great.

For a cough that will not go away, rub the bottom of the feet with Vick's rub and put on socks. I have not done this one, but my mom swears it works wonders on that cough that keeps you up at night.

Here is a natural remedi site for ear infections as well. You never know when one of those will hit.

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Darren Johnson Family said...

Thanks for the tips! Just one suggestion, I talked to the parmacist about the vicks rub and he said it is not good for infants because it can coat their lungs with the oil but if you put in a few drops of eucalyptus oil this will do the same thing. The eucalyptus is what is in the vicks that helps the cough. Just a small tip.