Monday, April 20, 2009


It is a battle to get balance in your life some times. As Mothers, we are OFTEN spending our every waking moment taking care of the needs of our kids. That is wonderful, but it is also VERY important to take care of your own needs as well.

Recently, I was feeling out of balance. I was not taking ANY time for ME. It took some planning, but I have now scheduled my day so that I get up just a bit earlier then the kids so I can exercise, read my scriptures, TAKE A SHOWER (how about that?!!!) and fill my well. Doing this is VITAL so that I can be the kind of mom my kids NEED me to be.

Eating more healthy is another goal I am working on. I used to be a health FREAK. Now that I am a mom, I get tired a lot more............and what is the FIRST thing you grab when you are tired?..........SUGAR!!!
So as part of my "balance" I am getting back to the basics in healthy eating. I have blood sugar issues, so for me, that means eating SMALL meals throughout the day. Doing this will not only help boost my energy, it will keep me from reaching for that sugar high. (and similarly keep me from that blood sugar crash!)

As mothers, we have SUCH a HUGE influence on how our kids look at life. How important it is for us to teach them to take care of who they are, by taking care of who we are.

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