Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Traditions

I just had a little Christmas party with some of the young women in our Church and it was really nice.

I asked each of them to take turns telling all of us what their favorite Christmas tradition is. I got some great ideas from them.
Here are the ones I can remember:

1.) Each child tells mom what their favorite Cereal is and then they get a box of it as one of their presents on Christmas morning. (and it also becomes their breakfast………for whenever they get around to eating breakfast)
2.) Each child gets to open one present on Christmas Eve………and it is always some new pajamas.
3.) The week before Christmas, they make all kinds of treats and take them to people on Christmas Eve while Christmas Caroling.
4.) They act out the Nativity.
5.) Everyone opens one present on Christmas Eve, but before they open the gifts, they have to guess what is inside. Whoever guesses right, wins something fun.
6.) Make a decoration for the tree each year.

And something fun I remember doing when I was younger, was drawing names of the members of our family, and making a home made gift for that person.
I got the COOLEST doll house made out of a box from my brother one year. He even went so far as to put wall paper on the walls of the doll house for me. It was pretty awesome!!!

If any of you have some cool family traditions, PLEASE share!!! I like fun ideas.

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