Monday, March 22, 2010

Setting Goals When You Have Kids

Setting goals and KEEPING them can sometimes get difficult when you have little critters that need most of your time.
I set goals each year and TRUST me, it is not easy to keep up with them some times. It requires getting up earlier then my kids so I can have a little bit of ME time and plan my day. (And if your kids are like mine, 6am is sleeping in for them)

But as I set goals and keep them, I also want to make sure that my kids are very much a part of that process.
I would MUCH rather exercise without my kids coming and sitting on me every five minutes, but I love the fact that they are seeing me exercise and take care of my body. And it can also be fun to have them help me work out.
In the summer time, My oldest child likes to ride his bike while I walk beside him. When I am doing stomach crunches, it can be fun to have my littlest child sitting on my legs and receive a kiss every time I come up. She LOVES that!!

It makes me feel good to see my kids exercise with me. I know that they are getting into some great habits that will help them stay fit and healthy for life.

When I read my Scriptures early in the morning, and a little one comes and sits on my lap, I know that they are seeing just how important that Scripture time really is in my life. (And hopefully they will also make it important in their own lives)
Or if they walk into the room while I am praying and meditating, I ask them to join me. Not only do I end up feeling closer to my Heavenly Father, but I get closer to my child as well.

I have also set a goal to practice the piano EVERY day. I thought I would NEVER find the time to do this one on a regular basis. But I have found some fun ways to include my children in this goal, and now THEY are the ones that keep me practicing on a daily basis.

When I play, I have the kids run around or dance. When I randomly stop playing, they have to freeze. If they don’t freeze fast enough, I get to tickle them.

Or I will play a song on the piano while they hide. They know that when the song is over, I am coming to look for them.

They also like it when I change the tempo in a song to make it fast or slow. They will run around as fast or as slow as I play a song. They think that is pretty cool.

So now, my kids are asking ME if I can practice my piano every day. They love these games and like to play them often. So when they play them often, that means I practice the piano often. It’s pretty awesome!!

I guess my point is that JUST because we are busy moms and have kids to run after all day long, doesn’t mean we cannot include them in some of the things WE need to get done, or some of the goals we are working on.

For me, I would have to say that my kids actually help me keep my goals better than I ever could on my own. They are persistent and make sure I do my goals on a consistent basis. ………….as long as I include them in on all of the fun. ;)


Lynda said...

Wonderful ideas! and wonderful encourgement, especially after this morning. Since there was a possibility of rain this morning I did pilates in the living room. Hyrum woke up almost the second the blue of the TV screen came on and he wanted to make sure I was doing everything exactly right. I like your ideas of including the kids. I am just have to get better at the piano that I can go faster at the piano like you and have it still sound like music and not a thunderstorm!

Rebecca Hansen said...

what a fun creative mommy you are : )