Thursday, April 29, 2010

#1 Daily List Of 10

Okay, so referring to the list in the previous post, we will start with 1.)"Taking some time in the morning to write down at LEAST ten things I liked about myself."

I think out of all the things I worked on, this one was the hardest. It is VERY hard to come up with 10 different things you like about yourself EVERY morning when you often times feel like such a failure. But I can promise you that this step is HUGE in learning how to be more loving and patient with yourself and your children. It will get easier to do.

Why is it so important to write down these 10 things and not just think about them in your head? It is VERY important for you to actually SEE the words on paper. It helps your brain register that you REALLY do mean it. And as you write them down, accept them as true. Write down the entire sentence, not just a basic list like: hair, smile, personality.
Actually write it down like you were telling someone: “I like my hair because______”
Or “I like my smile because______”

What you think about and dwell upon will eventuate, so every thought MUST be a positive one if you want to head in that direction.

If you get to a point where you really can’t think of anything else to put on that daily list, start making a list of things you would LIKE to become. And as you make that list of things you would like to become, put it on the paper as if it is what you already are.
For instance: “I like that I am really diligent at exercising every day.” Or “I like how I keep my house in order.”
By doing this you are sparking that flame in your mind that will set those wheels in motion. Even though it may seem so simple, it WILL have an impact on how you start to behave and what you start to do. TRUST ME!!

The only thing standing in the way of what we TRULY want is belief we can actually do it, work and time. So as you write down those things that you would LIKE to become, let yourself REALLY believe it and accept it as true.
If you have a hard time WANTING to do something, then put on your paper "I like that I want to _________ more." Eventually you will believe that it is true and it will eventuate.

This step alone will change the way you look at yourself and your true potential as a mother. Being positive about who you are is a HUGE key to success in becoming more patient and kind with yourself. (And to those sweet children you are so blessed to be with every day)

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