Wednesday, May 5, 2010

#4 Make time for YOU.

Let’s face it, PMS happens. Stressful times come and go. Being tired is a reality. Feeling depressed now and then is life. Things don’t go the way you had planned and you can’t seem to deal with it like you would hope to.

Sound familiar?

Sometimes our body is trying to send us a message and well………sometimes we just don’t get it.

If my car is sounding a little funny, you had better believe I will take it in to get worked on, maybe change the oil or whatever it needs.
If the gas light in my van is on, I will go to the nearest gas station and fill the tank up.
If a light bulb burned out in a room, I will replace it.

As a mother, I have to work HARD on seeing my OWN signs of “burn out” or “empty tank” syndrome. But even after I can SEE that I need a “fill up” I also have to work hard on actually doing something about it.

If you feel this way during the day, find a way to “get away.” I actually enjoy hopping into the car with the kids and going for a drive. Chances are my kids will fall asleep and I can just drive with some of my favorite music on and relax for a little while.
Sometimes it helps to just get out of the house and get some fresh air. It’s amazing what that can do for those nerves.

It’s also nice to get out at night after my husband gets home. He insists I get out at LEAST two nights a week. I can either go to the library (it is the ONE place that is actually QUIET!!!) or roam my favorite store. I also enjoy going for a run, rollerblading or bike riding in the evening.

Having four kids and another one on the way does not always leave a lot of extra $$$ for me to just hop in the car and go on a salon getaway. (which would be my ultimate desire at the end of a hard week) So I am going to share some AT HOME things you can do to feel pampered……….without spending a lot of money.

1.) Putting Epsom salt into a hot bath feels divine!!! Put about ½ cup of Epsom salt into the water and mix it around until the salt has dissolved. It makes your skin feel nice and soft. (It is also nice to add some relaxing music.)
2.) Put 1 cup apple cider vinegar + 2 cups warm water into a large cup or jar. Mix Well. After shampooing hair, pour the vinegar + water mixture over hair and massage it in a bit.
Rinse hair and condition as needed.
This will strip your hair of any buildup from hair products. (Hair spray, gel, etc)
You may even hear your hair squeak a bit after you rinse it out. It gets THAT clean!!! I would suggest doing this once a month.

3.) Baby oil works GREAT when removing mascara. (And a bottle of baby oil is a LOT cheaper than the traditional eye makeup removers)
4.) Vitamin E is AWESOME for the skin. When I was single, I would buy the gel capsules, break it open and then rub the gel over my face at night. It made my skin so nice!!! (And I hardly EVER got zits because of its amazing effects on the skin)
The gel capsules are a weird texture though. It is almost like rubbing thick oil over your face, but I grantee that the next day, your skin will have absorbed it and it will feel fabulous!
I don’t do this EVERY night any more now that I am married because my husband will NOT kiss me with the gel all over my face. So for that reason, I only do it a couple of times a week now. (The things we do for our men! *smile*)

5.) Soak your feet in a bucket of hot water mixed with ¼ cup Epsom salt and 1 Tbs Glycerin. I like to do this while I watch one of my favorite movies. It makes your feet feel so nice!!! (And it is SUPER calming)

These are just a few things I like to do on a regular basis to feel pampered.
The key is to make sure you take care of YOU. Watch for those signs of “burn out” and do something about it. Don’t wear yourself out. Your kids need you at your best. Make sure you do what you can to stay at your best. ;)


Jess said...

Sounds nice! This weekend is the father's and son's campout, so I may try soaking my feet and whatnot. :) Thanks!

Kathleen Mangum said...

Sounds good. You're full of all sorts of helpful tips. Thanks!

Rebecca Hansen said...

great ideas, thanks : )