Friday, November 19, 2010

Reading Really is Fun!!

I have a six year old son who absolutely loves math. He not only loves math, but does very well at it.
However, this same six year old son of mine did NOT like reading. When we sat down to do reading, he would guess words instead of sounding them out, and he would complain through the whole process. It was awful!
So I took this problem to the Lord. The answer I got was simple “use lots of repetition.” And also “make it fun.”

I could see how this answer was exactly what I needed. When I taught my (then) four year old and three year old all of the names and locations of the US States, it was through MUCH repetition. When we learned the 13 articles of our faith, it was also through going over them EVERY day that they were eventually memorized.

So rather than having my six year old son read a different book each time we did our reading together, I chose four simple books and we read those books each day for one week. He became so comfortable with those four books and I could see his confidence rise. All of the sudden he enjoyed reading time because he knew that he could do it. (and he LOVED showing off to me and his siblings)

After reading those same four books for a week, we moved on to four other books for a week.
Now, my son loves to read and he is doing so well. All of the repitition has also helped him learn new words.

And to make it fun for him and my other children, I had them decorate their own Library bag. (you can buy these plain tote bags in a 3 pack at wall-mart. I think it was 5 bucks for the 3 pack)

I also had them get their own library card (which I only give them when we go to the library……….otherwise it is kept in my wallet)

Now when we go to the Library, I give each child his/her library bag and card, they fill their bag with books, they take it to the checkout counter and hand the librarian their card and books.
My job at the library is now MUCH simpler. :)

It is nice to see my son FINALLY catch on to the joys of reading!!


Alicia said...

You are so awesome! I love that you prayed about how to get T to love reading. You are such a great mommy!

Rebecca Hansen said...

That is such a cute/fun idea to have them decorate their own library bag and get their own library cards! You make me look forward to having more kids so i can do these fun ideas with them! And how great for you to find a way to get T to gain confidence in reading, you rock!!