Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fun ideas

Here are a couple of fun activities you can do with your kids.

If available, provide books with pictures of rockets and astronauts dressed in spacesuits to spark your child's imagination as he creates a design for his own spacesuit. Have a collection of materials available for your child to make his spacesuit. You could include such items as tinfoil, earphones, goggles or a scuba mask, an oatmeal carton for an air tank, an old belt, feathers, and tin cans with smooth edges.

A simple vest can be made from a paper bag by cutting all the way down the front of the bag and then extending the cut at the bottom of the bag to form a hole for your child's neck. Cut out holes for the arms and have him decorate the bag with stars.
After your child has made a space suit, you could help him make this fun treat.
Here is something fun to make on a hot day. (if you live somewhere hot. It is not hot where I live.........yet)
Something fun to make with your kids on a cooler day.

Shake some whipping cream in jars or beat with an egg beater until butter forms. Press out excess milk with a spoon. Serve the sweet butter with the bread you just made.

Have a fun time cooking and playing!!

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