Friday, May 29, 2009

Cloth Diapers

I know what you are thinking……….Cloth diapers are a thing of the past for a reason!!
Disposable diapers have changed the world. I love disposable diapers with all my heart…….I just don’t love the price, or how often I am paying that pretty little price.

There is no way I will ever JUST do cloth diapers. I think those days are out the window. (Gosh, our poor mothers who had no choice!!)

I use cloth diapers at home and disposable diapers if I am going somewhere and will not be back home for a while, and also at night.

So the first thing that made me NEVER want to use a cloth diaper was the whole poop thing, but I have created a way to take care of that. (Unless they have diarrhea, in which case I would totally use disposable until they are back to normal)

Viva has come out with a paper towel that can be broken off into a small towel, or a large one. Brake the towel into a smaller section and line the cloth diaper with it. (So the paper towel is next to the baby’s skin.) Put the diaper on the baby and cover with plastic pants.

If the diaper is a messy one, you just take the paper towel liner out and THROW IT AWAY!!! Then rinse the cloth diaper out and throw that sucker in the wash.
No scrubbing nasty diapers in the toilet. It works GREAT, and paper towels are much cheaper to buy then diapers. (And a roll will last you a long time)

I have used cloth diapers at home with all of my kids and it has saved us BIG time!!
I also believe it has helped all of our kids potty train faster. Two out of three kids have potty trained by age two, and the third one did by two and a half.
Wearing cloth diapers helps them be more aware of when they wet their pants. Therefore they learn pretty darn quick that they need to let you know when they are wet.

If you are at the potty training stage, DO NOT USE PULL UPS ONLY!!! They feel so much like a diaper to the child that the child will do exactly what they do in a diaper. I do use pull ups when we are at church or on a trip or outing where I want to still take them to the bathroom, but don’t want any accidents. But when you are at home, use underwear with plastic pants over them. It is the same concept as the cloth diapers. They will feel the wetness RIGHT when it happens and learn to let you know right away……….and hopefully before it even happens.

Hope this helps………..if you are looking into the cloth diaper route.


The Neads said...

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leslie mae said...

We've been doing cloth diapers too; but I'm not loving the leaks & blowouts {not that he doesn't do that in disposable sometimes too}. I ended up doubling up the cloth diapers, which worked; other than it is SUPER bulky! Have you had that problem?

Andrea Lee UptonRowley said...

Maybe your diaper is too small. You may want to find some bigger ones and see if that helps.