Thursday, June 4, 2009

Clean the House

Having kids at so many different levels of ability, I try to find ways to make it possible for each kid to help me to work around the house in a way that will not be too hard for them.
I ALWAYS seam to have a clothes pile that needs folding. I have Tyler help me fold them because he can. Audrey is not so good at folding, so she helps me put them away. Nathan is pretty good at putting them away, but better at sorting the pile. I usually have him and Audrey sort the clothes into groups. We have a Morgan/Audrey pile, Tyler/Nathan pile, towel and washcloth pile and so on. Having them sort the clothes for me, helps them learn how to do a job on their own, and it helps me get other things done while they are busy with their job. After they sort the pile, Tyler and I fold.

You can do the same thing with most jobs. Find ways to make it at their level and keep it fun. We have played "Cinderella," robots, had races to clean the fastest.....whatever works.
Giving them little jobs will help build self-esteem. Let them have fun working and watch your house get clean..........or so we hope.........right?!!! (Does that ever really happen?!!!)


Jess said...

I would like help from my kids in cleaning the house, but get stuck on enforcement. What do you do if they don't want to do their job?

Kathleen Mangum said...

Lena sorted the clothes today! How fun. She also folds the washcloths and other "cloths", burp, etc.

It was actually nice. I don't usually sort, I just fold and sort as I go along but this made it easier and Lena got to help.

Good tip. Thanks Andrea!