Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Structure and Flexibility

So I am FINALLY getting to those Home school conference notes that I was talking about on our Family Blog.
There were many classes to choose from, but I could only choose four. So I will post one class at a time.........as I get around to it.

This one was called Structure and Flexibility. (and here are my notes)

*-Cater to the level of the child. Don't try to push them too fast. When they are ready, they will "get it" and move forward quickly. They may be good at one thing, but slow at another. That is okay. They will eventually get it and be where they need to be. DON'T WORRY!

*-For structure, make a plan. Set out the solid things in your day (like breakfast, lunch and dinner) and then fill in the gaps with your schooling plan. Make sure to allow enough free time for children to use their imagination and creativity.

*-You will ALWAYS have to re-adjust your schedule. DON'T LET THIS DISCOURAGE YOU!! As kids grow and change, you will need to adjust their schooling plan to meet up to their needs. So once you think you have it all down, get ready for change. (and don't get frustrated)

*-Trust yourself. You know your kids better then anyone else. You know their strengths and weaknesses.

*-Teaching them at home, you can afford to let them learn the way they need to. (and on a time table as fast or slow as they need)

*-Trust your kids! They LOVE to learn. Look at a toddler. They don't just sit around all day. They are into everything, exploring and moving. Kids have a natural desire to learn. Help them keep that desire and let them learn!!

*-You will look back and wish you had done some things differently.....that is normal.

*-Let your child learn ALL they want about one thing, then let them move on to something new. Most kids enjoy doing this. Help them by giving them the needed resources to do so.

*-Don't decide what your child SHOULD be. No one wants to be told what to do. Just make sure you provide them with lots of opportunities to see what adults do in the world. Let them get excited and choose who they want to be.

*-Don't compare children. (eek! I do this one sometimes!)

*-Work with them when they are most motivated. Don't brush them aside till later.

*-Set goals about what your kids will learn. This will help you (and the kids) see their progress.

*-Make sure you ask the children what THEY want to learn. Take a day to go to the library, store or where ever you can find information or workbooks on the subject of their choice. Let them be involved in their learning. By doing so, they will take pride in what they do.

*-Use your library card and save $$$

So that was the basic learning from my first class. Some of these things I have already been doing, but I also got some great ideas from them as well. (like letting the kids be more involved in what we learn about. I liked that one)

I will post the next class........tomorrow.......if I can. :)

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Collin & Elizabeth said...

I never comment..but I love this blog you started. Great ideas. Thanks Dray!