Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Accepting Your Child

This one was good for me because I find myself wondering why my kids can't just be the way I have always dreamed my children would be. (You know........always on their BEST behavior and as smart as a college student. ha ha)

My notes:

*-A teacher at a public school does not have it easy and you will not have it easy either. They, just as you, have to find out how to keep the kids focused and on task. They have hard days with some students, and so will you........with your own kids.

*-Don’t prejudge what your kids are not going to be good at. (such as- Alice will never be artistic, artistic blood does not run in our family) You may have a child that actually IS good at something you never thought they would be good at.

*-Don’t over look talents. Others see in you what you yourself may not see. Do the same for your children. Look for things they do well and help encourage them to magnify those talents.

*-Spend some time observing each child. How do they play? What motivates them? What makes them happy? What makes them sad? How do they act and react?
Use this information to your benefit. By understanding your child more fully, you can then understand how to work with them individually. You will better understand what motivates them. The more you understand something, the less difficulty you will have in trying to get it to work. It’s the same with our children.

*-You are there to direct your children. Think of a music director. He does not run around playing each instrument for the musician. He is there to help them use there talents at the right time. He cues them when to play and when to be silent or loud. The director understands that the musician has lots of practicing to do before he gets it right. But the director is always there when it comes time for the concert. (And he keeps his back to the crowd so he can let the musician take full credit.)

*-Each child is such a blessing! They allow you the opportunity to see different ways in which one can learn. (If you have multiple children of course)

*- Make your children YOUR study as you help THEM study.

*-Make the environment positive.

*-Pay attention to them and make them feel important.

*-Just as we must all learn to work with and accept each other, do so with your children.

*-Take on a challenge. Set goals to learn something that will push you to a higher level. By doing so, you will understand and respect your children for what they do each day in a world that is so new to them and is pushing them to learn new things every day.

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Jess said...

I like these points. I think they're important for all parents to keep in mind. We even need to accept our young children and not try to direct their every movement. That's what I am especially pulling away from this. I like it!