Monday, May 11, 2009

Teaching Many Children of Different Ages

This one was the last class I went to and was by FAR my FAVORITE!!!
I LOVED the Lady that taught the class! She was the mother of 6 children and I could just see myself being her some day. Ha ha!

Here are my notes from this class:

*-The benefit of having multiple children is that they already have a friend to play with on their free time. You also have LOTS of helpers.

*-Let older kids help teach the younger ones. This will not only let you have some time to spend with another child that may need your help, it helps the older one learn leadership, communication and teaching skills. You ALWAYS learn something more completely when you teach it to someone else.

*- When you have multiple children, you have some great HEALTHY competition. Don’t hide the truth. If they lost, teach them how to be good sports. If they win, teach them to be humble about it. But healthy competition is good for individuals to learn.

*-make sure you have all four legs of the learning chair. The legs of the chair are: Academics, Work, Character, and Service. If you leave one of these out, the chair will fall over.

*-SERVICE- make it important. Find little and big ways to serve. Take kids to a rest home so they can share their talents and it will also help them not be afraid of the elderly.
Teach them to serve each other as well. Help them look beyond themselves.

*-WORK-in the world we have today, it is hard to find good workers. Teach them to work hard and well with others. Teach them to be on time and to be honest in all they do.
Start them while they are young. They are never too young to learn how to work. You NEED to let them help you do things now when they are little. Let them see how you do everything. When you clean a bathroom, show them how to do it right.
Work builds self esteem.
Train them to do a job the way YOU like it. Some day, they will have to do a job for a boss that wants things done his way and if they learn how to follow directions now, it will help them later.
Keep all work on the level of the child.

*-CHARACTER- Teach your children to count their blessings. Good character is learned by example. Live it yourself. Read stories or let your kids watch movies with children you want your kids to be like. Look for books where siblings get along.
Slow obedience is disobedience.

*-ACADEMICS –combine students to learn something then, let them quiz each other. Try to have as many things that can be done in a group as possible.
Make sure Religion is a part of your learning. It will help the children learn all four of the learning legs of the chair.
Be as organized as possible. Make a chart so the children can see what they need to do that day and week. Children like to know what to expect. They like routines.
Have paper work ready for them so they are not waiting on you.
Get them excited about college. Teach them to be excited about learning.

*-Don’t let your kids play electronics or watch TV too much. If they are not doing school, let them get creative and come up with things to build, play or do. Let them create!

*-Be with the younger kids when they first get up. Be with the older ones during nap time for younger ones.

*- decide what kind of day you are going to have then, work your hardest to make it happen.

*-Teach them that having a good attitude is a skill.

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