Friday, May 8, 2009

Math Without Tears

Okay, so this was my LEAST favorite class. I was REALLY hoping it would offer some good tips for me (since I have always hated math) but it was a little disappointing.

The lady that taught this class, is into the “un-schooling” method that I am NOT in favor of. (I believe the Un-school method is what gave Home schooling a bad name)

In Un-schooling, it is believed that the children can learn from the world around them…… need for work sheets and books. It is EVERYTHING opposite of what public school is.

Some people praise it as working well for their kids, but that is not what I want for my kids. I want the Home school approach. (Everything public school is……..just done at home.) I am ALL about work sheets and books. I like more structure and guiding them forward.

That being said, I really don’t have many notes from this class. The lady basically said that if your child is having a hard time with math, stop doing it till they are ready. And “if they are not ready till college, so be it! They will get to college and find out they need to know it, and go learn it on their own.” Um……….I DON’T THINK SO!!!! There is NO way I am going to just let my kid get to college and feel like an idiot!!!

I do like some of her ideas as to things you can do to help with their numbers and math skills.

*-let them help do the shopping. Give them a calculator and run the numbers as you buy stuff.

*-let them help balance the books. Give them a budget to work with.

*-cook something to teach ½, 2/3, ¾ and so on.

*-play math games to make it fun for them

*-do math that they can see. Don’t just work with numbers, get things they can count out. Let them see what 100 looks like.

That is really all I got out of it. I guess I also got out of it that I am NOT for Un-Schooling. Ha ha!


The Hansen Family said...

wow...that unschooling method...well, sucks! that sounds more like a "i'm too lazy to teach my kids and couldnt really care less if they grow up stupid" method. i do like the ideas at the end, but those need to be used WITH structured learning method, not just on their own! that stupid woman, i have a few words for her!

Kathleen Mangum said...

I didn't teach little kids but I would love to help you research and learn how to help kids LOVE math since I LOVE math!!