Sunday, June 7, 2009


This one is JUST for you Jess. :)

I use this web site to make charts for my kids. It is AWESOME because it has characters like Dora, Spiderman and Thomas (all of which my kids LOVE) (I can't seam to get it to do a link for me.......I guess you will have to just copy and paste)

I create the chart and put all of the jobs or tasks I want them to do for the day on it.
When they get one of the jobs done, they get a sticker on that spot, then move on to the next task.
When they get the chart full of stickers, we spend a day at Chuck-E Cheese. They LOVE that place…………for some reason.

If I am having a hard time getting them motivated on a given day, then I do an immediate reward like a fruit snack pouch or something fun like that. When they get the job done, they get something special like that.
I do try to help them focus on the Chuck-E cheese reward though. (and have to make sure we go there as soon as they have filled their charts so they know its for real.) It usually takes a while for the chart to fill up because those jobs can not always be done EVERY day by each of them. They have to take turns. That way we are not going to Chuck-E Cheese every week......

My brother and sister in Law have an awesome way they do it that I will be doing with my kids when they are older.

They put a point value on each job. For instance, doing dishes gets more points then taking out the trash.
They let the kids choose the jobs they want to do, but if the kids choose only the easy jobs, they don’t get very many points. Points turn into money at the end of the week, so they usually want the harder jobs that will give them more points. I just think that is great because all of the sudden they WANT to do the hard jobs, you don’t have to try and get them to do it. (And I am all for that!!!)

Hope this helps Jess!!!

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Jess said...

On the link, the first thing I saw was Spongbob, Emmett's latest obsession. I liked building up the chart just the way I wanted to. Here's to trying! Thanks for the ideas!