Thursday, July 2, 2009


For the meal planning, I shop for the month on the nonperishable items. (And Peter watches the kids so I don’t have to take them)
I still have to go get milk, eggs, fruit and veggies on a weekly basis. It’s just a whole lot easier to get a couple of items when I have four kids, rather then do a larger one every week with four kids. (And it saves money because I ONLY have to get a couple of items since I know I already have the main things taken care of)
I know if I don’t have my meals planned out and my monthly shopping done, I tend to just wander the store and buy whatever looks good for dinner that night. (And it may or may not be cheep)
Sorry if I confused anyone.
Planning the meals this way actually helps me NOT have the same meals over and over again. If I don’t know what to make, I usually end up just making something I know the kids will like……over and over and over.
So this way, I DO make something different every night. We just have the same thing twice, a couple of times a month. That’s not much if you think about it.

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