Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Well Trained Mind

My sister-in-law told me to read this book.

I am only in chaper one and it is AWESOME!!!
I will most likely post some insites and comments on it that I like.........if you don't go read it yourself.
It is about teaching your children at home, but even if you don't go that route, it still has some GREAT info in it.
I think this should be a must read for ANY mom. :)
Thanks for telling me about it Jessica!!

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Kathleen Mangum said...

You've inspired me. I went onto DLTK or whatever website and printed some tracer pages for Lena. She was trying to write an L which I had tried to teach her before. She had a lot of "fun" with it. So much good stuff on that site. I think I'll read this book and do some more.

Should we do the co-op preschool? I have another friend (nonmember) maybe 2 that would be interested. New stay at home moms w/2 kids each. Only 1 school age, but fun.

Let's do it!!