Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shopping......Dora style

To say my kids Love Dora is an understatement.

So one day I got this brilliant idea to have them each make a "map" of all the places we needed to go that day. (To run errands of course)

It was awesome!!! Not only did it keep them busy at the table while I had to get ready to go, but they got out their little back packs, put the map inside, and we headed out the door on our "adventure" and they were actually excited about it.

They had a pen that they would use to cross off the places we went, and then tell me the next place we needed to go to on our "journey" back to our house. (Which was the last place listed on our map)

I also used this idea with grocery shopping. I told Tyler we needed 6 items, so he drew 6 boxes on a piece of paper. I told him we needed Milk, so he drew a picture of milk in the first box. Then eggs, and yogurt and so forth. He drew all the pictures in each box and it was so darn cute to see how he depicted each item in his little picture.

Then, at the store, he was so busy crossing off the items we were getting and telling me what we had left to buy, that he had no time to tease the other kids and make them scream all down the isles so people would look at me funny and wonder why in the world I was even attempting to shop with four kids so young that could clearly not behave for five minutes. (Okay, end of sentence. Now I can breath!!)

All in all, this idea will go on the record as something I thought of that actually turned out really well. :)

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Kathleen Mangum said...

Cute. Maybe I should try that since Lena also LOVES Dora.