Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Work" toward good behavior

I have noticed that Tyler does a WHOLE lot better when I keep him busy with school, or work. I have him Vacuum, dust, do dishes, fold clothes, but it seams like the work runs out before his energy does. (and we do go to the park or out on bike rides, but I am talking about those times where one of the other kids are sleeping and I just can't get him out)

Peter's mom was able to come up with jobs to keep her kids busy for quite a while, so I asked her HOW. She gave me a few ideas I has not thought of.

Cleaning windows and organizing closets.

Tyler LOVES the cleaning windows idea!!! I give him a spray bottle full of water + a rag and he is then busy for hours. He insists on cleaning EVERY window in our house. Its great!!
So if your child needs something to do, give it a try!!

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Jess said...

I've always been paranoid to have Emmett clean my windows, but really, at 4, he's not going to drink the solution anymore. He'd go nuts for that!