Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I was looking on the net for some good class room rules for my kids to use in our home schooling. There were lots of teachers sharing rules they use and how they enforce them, but they were either too complicated and long, or not great at all.

THEN, I found the one I liked a lot.
Not too many rules, but just enough. (and on the right things I want my kids to do as well)
I also really like how she enforces it. I have tried doing it this way with my kids and it works great!!!

I had to laugh when I looked at where this lovely little teacher was from.
Jerome, Idaho!!!
The very place I just moved from. A dot on the map of Idaho. The place I met one of the bestest friends I will ever have. The place three of my four children were born.
What a small world!!!

Since most of you don't home school, these could also be used as house rules.

Classroom Rules

I expect students to use good manners and make wise choices. The Rules are from a Good Manners bulletin board set that is always displayed on a wall in the classroom. These good manners are constantly taught and reviewed. I also teach the students about conflict resolution and how to make wise choices in difficult situations. Here are the simplified rules that are discussed in much detail with the students:
1. Raise your hands.
2. Listen (the first time).
3. Share.
4. Put things away.
5. Take turns.
6. Help others.
7. Keep your hands to yourself.
8. Say "please" and "thank you".
9. Eat politely.
10. Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough.


Behavior is one of the most important elements of the school day. If behavior is out of control, then learning is not possible. I use a 5-step method in my classroom. Children will move up and down the Consequence Scale daily according to the choices they make. If they make poor choices at the beginning of class, they may redeem themselves with good choices and still end the day with a smile. Students who have earned all smiles at the end of the week will get to choose a small treat from my treasure box on Friday. You can check your child's daily progress in their Notebooks which will be brought to and from school everyday.

1. Everyone begins with a smile.
2. Warning
3. "Uh-Oh" Face (5 minutes time out - recess or fun activity)
4. Warning
5. Sad Face (15 minutes time out - recess or fun activity AND call to parent)
If a child is completely out of control and extremely disruptive, they will skip beyond these steps and be sent straight to the office.

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Kathleen Mangum said...

Awesome. Okay, when do we start? What's the price and times. We need to get together and talk b/c I think I decided that this is what I want to do this year.