Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas tree protection

If you have little ones, this tip JUST may help you a bit.
Having four kids, each a year apart, we always have a toddler during Christmas. Trying to keep children from touching the tree is no fun for any parent.
What I have done EVERY year (and it works REALLY well) is wrapped some heavy boxes in wrapping paper and use them as a decorative barricade around my tree. It is cute and much more Christmas looking then any of those tree gates.

This is my Christmas present barricade picture from last year. We had a book case in the corner the tree was in, so we also just wrapped the bookcase so we would not have to move it. :)

Also (unrelated to children) if you have Christmas decorations that are stored in a box, wrap the box and use IT as a decoration like so.....

These are the boxes that my Christmas village goes in. (and other Christmas decor boxes) since I have my Christmas village on my piano during Christmas, I just wrapped the box and put it in that huge spot above my fridge to add some decoration in my kitchen. Way cute!!

Happy decorating!!!


Jess said...

Aha! So that's what I should do with the box I keep my decorations in! It felt wrong to put it back in the attic, but I couldn't have some old ugly box sitting in my house. You're a genius!

Alicia said...

Such great ideas! I love the Christmas barricade - I forgot to do that this year, and it would have been much easier than constantly reminding Rylee not to play with the tree. And I wish my ceilings were high enough to put wrapped boxes on top of my cupboards. That looks really cute!