Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hooked on Bible Stories

The creators of Hooked on Phonics have also created a Bible study packet. My kids got it from their Grandma and it is awesome!!
Check it out Here
(You can find it cheaper if you shop around........I am sure grandma didn't pay that price for it.)

It comes with a bunch of little bible story books and a CD with various songs that go along with each bible story. I must say I am not "hooked" on the songs, but the rest of the curriculum is great.

There is a booklet that gives the parent fun ideas of games to play so the children better understand the bible stories, and my kids really like the poster that they get to put stickers on after they have completed a bible story unit. There are also scripture cards that the kids are encouraged to memorize so they can mark them off on the chart as well.

It is a really fun way to learn all of those basic bible stories. I think my kids are "hooked." ;)

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