Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The School Closet

I have been in a de-clutter and organize everything mood lately. (And no, I am not pregnant and nesting………at least I don’t think I am……….)

I have been going through the kid’s school closet and have found a TONE of papers and books on tips for entertaining and teaching children. I will be sharing those tips over the next little while. (Only the good ones of course……..some are cheesy)

I really enjoy doing school with my children, but it has not always been easy to find a good place to do school. Not everyone has an entire room they can dedicate to hanging learning posters and store art supplies.

I don’t have a room dedicated completely to school………….I have a pantry closet. It is located close to my kitchen table where my kids do their work, so that makes it super convenient. (I have had to give up that ENTIRE pantry for school supplies though.) It is good to keep all of your school supplies in the same place and not in various places all over your house.

When we do school, I open the door and it has ALL of our opening time visuals on the inside of the door. So when we open it, it is learning time, but then I can close it when we are done and no one knows anything educational ever happened there. (“You didn’t see anything!!!”)

As you can see, I have a flag that we pledge allegiance to every morning. Then we have our sight words, calendar, scripture, article of faith, weather wheel, and Bible study poster. (I will talk about the bible poster in my next post. It’s awesome stuff!!)

I also have a “magic” wall right by my kitchen table. (The kids do their school work at the kitchen table)
I painted it with Magnetic paint which you can find at most craft stores. I found mine at Michael’s for 15 dollars a pint.

After you let the magnetic paint dry, you can paint over it with your original wall paint color. (So it looks like a normal wall)
I use this wall to put up flash cards and our world and US maps. It is awesome!!
So while we are doing school, this wall is a great place to hang stuff.

But at the end of school, the pictures all come down and go back in the school closet and it looks like a normal kitchen again. (I am not sure why this picture turned out so much lighter then the first one.......but it is the same wall......really!!)

I just get the stick on magnates to put on the back of all my posters and flash cards. The magnetic paint is not as strong as a fridge, so if you put a piece of paper on the wall and try to put a normal magnet on top to hold it up, it may not hold so well. It is better to attach a thin magnet to the actual picture.

And there you have it; the pop out class room. ;)


The Hansen Family said...

oh my goodness, woman, an entire pantry full of educational supplies?! you need to come to my house and get me organized! I LOVE your pop out classroom, so creative! also love the magnetic wall!!!

Lynda said...

Wonderful Organization Ideas!
It all sounds good! I love this blog because then I can read good ideas on how I can becoem super-mom like you!

Alicia said...

I second the Super Mom comment. You are amazing, Andrea!