Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Index Card Box

I got this idea from a friend of mine and my kids love it!
It is a really good way to help your children read, write and spell.

Just get a bunch of word flash cards and put them in an index card box.

Get your child a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Put the box in front of them and let them pull out words to write down. (I like to ask them to read the word to me before they write it)

My 3 year old loves doing this and it keeps her occupied while I am working with the other kids on their school work.

My five year old also does it and it has really helped him with his reading, writing and spelling.


The Hansen Family said...

audrey is only 3? i thought she was 4! that is amazing she is writing words already! Go Super Mom!

Andrea Lee UptonRowley said...

She will be four at the end of next I have to call her three while I still can. :(

She has been doing this since she first turned three though. She is just getting much better at it now that she is a bit older.