Monday, January 18, 2010

Mashed Potatoes.......The Long Way.

Sorry about all of the posts in one day. My kids are VERY content playing with each other now that they are done with their school, (HUGE plus for me!!) so I thought I would take a break and do some posts before I forget what I wanted to post about.

I tried something the other day that turned out so well, I thought I would share.
I had the kids help me make mashed potatoes……..the long, but fun way.

I baked a bunch of potatoes and let them cool completely.
When I was ready to make the mashed potatoes, I got each kid a plate and a BUTTER knife.
I put a cold potato on each plate and told them to cut the potato into small pieces.
They LOVED being able to cut something like that. And because cooked potatoes are so soft, it was not too hard for them at all. My two year old did it and enjoyed it!!

We then put the cut up potato pieces into a cake pan and they got a potato masher and mashed away.
You could mash them in a pot, but they are thicker that way and my kids are too small and don’t have the muscle power to mash them when they are that thick.
So since the potatoes we did were in a cake pan, I just poured the milk and put the butter in and we baked them in the oven. They tasted great and the kids had a lot of fun!!

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