Tuesday, January 12, 2010


When my kids do something they should not, we have a "redo" rule.
That means they have to go back and do whatever they did wrong and do it the RIGHT way.

If Tyler walks up and takes something from Audrey without asking, I make him hand it back, we go back to the scene of the crime and he has to come up to her and ASK this time.
If Nathan screams for something, we go back and he has to ask the right way before he can have whatever he is wanting.

There are times where the kids do not like to cooperate in our "redo" rule. Using the example with Tyler and Audrey, if Tyler does not want to spit out the words to ask her for the item he originally took, we do it again and again till he does it the right way. It is a bit of work for mommy, but the return on your investment is awesome!!

It is important to go back to the original spot where the wrongdoing took place. That way they understand where they went wrong and what they now need to do to make it right.

Just as you would correct them on paperwork if they were spelling something wrong again and again, helping them see that some behaviors are not acceptable is so very important.

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