Sunday, January 10, 2010

Learning sites

As I am getting ready for another week of learning with my kids, I thought I would share some of the web sites I like to used most.
The DKL one has so many places to go, so I just found the link for each subject for you.

This one has a lot of fun cut and paste.

This one just has a lot of good ideas for Parents

Math worksheets

I think I have put this site on here before, but not sure.
This one is really good for preschool. My kids LOVE it!! (And it really helps get those letter sounds down)
It also has things for older kids to do. My five year old is doing much better on his reading because of some of the activities.

Fun random stuff

More Math

Fun facts for kids

This one is awesome!! You can learn ALL about your state. I am so doing this with my kids this year!!

Math practice


A bit of everything

This should keep your kids busy for a while. :)
Happy learning!!


The Hansen Family said...

is there anything for 2 year olds, or do do i need to wait a few years to use these links?

Andrea Lee UptonRowley said...

The Starfall one is the BEST for Preschool. You will have to sit with Courtney while she does it at first, but she will get to the point where she can do it all by herself. Nathan is starting to do it all by himself and he is just a bit older then Courtney. So start her on that one.
Also, the cut and paste one is good for preschool. (you may need to help her with the "cut" part)

Jess said...

Love, love, love Starfall. I already use DLTK and Firstschool but I will try these other ones too. I am always excited for more teaching help!

Kathleen Mangum said...

Found a full free preschool curriculum good for 2 year olds. Brightly Beaming.

Looks like cool. Stuff. Love Starfall.

Alpha bites too

Lynda said...

You have a lot of good ideas!
Are you a member of ILX and pay the fees or have you found a free aspect to it?
I just found a new ne today for any age group with many topics and crafts.
I am totally going to do its praying mantis project! (ordering an egg case, building them a habitat and watching them hatch.)

The Hansen Family said...

i need to write all these links down and star doing my research! thanks for all the ideas!

Andrea Lee UptonRowley said...

I am not a member of IXL, but they have some free things you can do on the site. I like using those.

Thanks for sharing some of the sites you guys like!! I will have to check those out as well!!