Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thank You

In my Church, I am a youth leader.
A lot of work goes into teaching and entertaining teenage girls. TRUST ME!!!
The other day I got a card in the mail from one of the youth. She just thanked me for the lessons I teach in church and told me how much they have helped her.
It totally made my day!!

This made me think of something relating to my kids.
I have always tried to make an effort to thank people for things they do for me or for someone I love. I try to thank them in person, but I also like to try and send a card if I can.

But how often do my kids go from day to day without being thanked in the same manner?
Sure I say Thank you after I have asked one of my kids to help me out with this or that.........but all too often I think I take them for granted.

After receiving the note from this sweet youth, and feeling the way I felt, I decided that I want my kids to feel the same appreciation and love for ALL of the MANY things they do for me EVERY day.

I am going to find fun ways to tell my kids THANK YOU more often.
I will start leaving little notes on their bed or in places where they will find them. I will do better at TELLING them how good it made me feel to have them help me out.

My kids are so wonderful and they really do so much for me.
I think it is high time they knew it.

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Alicia said...

You're so right! I need to be better about saying thank you to my kids too. I like your idea of finding fun ways to thank your kids. I want to start that too!
And I also need to do better at saying "please" to them when I ask them to do things - I shouldn't just tell them to do things, I need to ask and say please....just like I expect them to do!