Thursday, February 25, 2010

Could you help me out?!!

I have been thinking SO much lately about the power of example.

I often ask my children to help me do various things throughout the day and they are usually happy to help.

But I noticed something had changed. They started becoming less inclined to help me the first time I asked. I was starting to get frustrated and upset……..until I did something that is VERY hard to do. I took a step back and looked at the situation and what I MAY have had to do with this sudden change.

I realized that while the kids were always willing and happy to help me out when I needed an extra hand, I was not so willing to help them out in return. I was either too lazy or decided that “they are old enough to do it themselves and I should not have to help them at their age. They need to be a BIG kid now.”
Well, frankly, I am old enough to do most things myself as well, but I still ask for help now and then.

When they ask me to get something they are perfectly capable of getting on their own, I need to think about all of the times I ask them to get me something I am perfectly capable of getting on my own.

So I tried being more willing to jump up and help when I was asked. It was AMAZING to see the change in my children. Now they are more willing to help me the first time I ask as well.

Once in a while I will make one of their beds or clean their room and then tell them I did so because I am so grateful for all of the help they are to me.
It makes me smile when I go into my room and find the same act of service done for me as well.

Now when I am not feeling well (emotionally or physically) I see children taking care of me and doing whatever needs to get done. I think that is in part because they know that I will gladly do the same for them when they are having a hard day as well.

It’s amazing how much we can learn from our children on a daily basis.
Sometimes it just takes a little self evaluation. That is NOT always easy to do……..but oh so worth it!!!


Alicia said...

Wow - awesome insight, Andrea. I love this post!!!!

Lynda said...

That's a wonderful observation! I'll have to try this better at home.