Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day

As you all know, Valentine’s Day is coming up.

For those who may want to do something fun with your kiddies this week, here are some helps.

If you click Here you can read a little history about how Valentine’s Day came to be.

If you click Here It will take you to a site that will let your child print off cards, give you craft ideas, work sheets and Recipes. Love this site!!

Other things you can do with your children throughout this week are:
1.) Cut out little hearts and let them decorate their room.
2.) Have each child make his or her own little mailbox. Every day have them write a special note to put in someone else’s mailbox.
3.) Make heart pancakes for breakfast one morning.
4.) Have each child bring a show and tell that is red.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!

P.S. And remember that President’s day is February 15th!!!

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Jess said...

Thanks for the ideas!