Friday, May 7, 2010

#7 Realize you don’t have to do this alone

I know I skipped #6, but I feel like I covered it enough HERE when we first talked about this list.

Having a good support system is so important for a mom.
Who we choose to surround ourselves with can make a HUGE difference (good or bad) in our lives.

Choose to be around people who are positive, there for you, fun to talk to and support your choice to be a mom. There is nothing harder than being around people who are constantly questioning you in your choice to be a mom to your children, and how you mother those children.
Most mothers feel inadequate as it is we don’t need to add to feelings of inadequacy by choosing friends who cause us to question our ability as a mother THAT much more.
I will forever be thankful for the WONDERFUL friends in my life. They keep me sane and they strengthen me as a mother.
If you have a day where you feel like you just may lose it with your children, call up a friend and ask for their help. They could come over and be there with you or maybe even take your children for a couple of hours while you regroup. Don’t tell yourself you are a bad mom for doing this. You are being wise to see you need help and actually ask for it. This is something to be commended for. (and if you have chosen good friends, you will be more able to depend on them in these times of need)
Choose good friends!!

Keep that courtship alive!! Go on dates with your hubby. If you can’t afford to go every week, try finding a couple you can swap kids with so you can take turns going out a couple of times a month.
It is SOOOOO important to do this because it allows you to get away from the cleaning, cooking, diaper changing, sweat pants, hair in a pony tail scene so you can dress up and be “the girl friend” again.
All week long I look forward to my Friday date night with my husband. It always reminds me who I am and that I am NOT doing this alone.

I can’t count how many times I have turned to my children for support and they gladly rise to the occasion. When I tell them “mommy is sad”, I get the best hugs. When I need someone to make me laugh, they are the #1 people to go to.
Children love so unconditionally. I want to be more like my children in that way.

Heavenly Father:
The scriptures tell us to “place your burden upon the Lord.” He is ALWAYS there waiting for us to turn to him.
I have received more answers to the struggles of being a mom, when I pray to my Heavenly Father and then take the time to LISTEN for his answer. He knows each of my children far better than I ever will.

There are so many people in our lives. Our job as “mom” will be so much easier if we will remember they are here to help us. We do NOT have to do this alone!

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