Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

The last two subjects of our “All about Mothers” week are:
#8-Learning to laugh more and #9-strengthening your relationship with Heavenly Father.

I LOVE making my kids laugh. Sometimes when I feel like crying, the best thing to get over that feeling is to find some way to MAKE myself laugh.
Doing weird things like THIS is very common in our house. (But we laugh often and that is all that matters)

And if you want a good laugh, click HERE

My own mother has always been an amazing example of laughing off hurt and pain in life.
When I was younger, she broke her ankle while we were all sledding. When she told us to come over because she thought she broke something, my siblings and I didn’t believe her at first because she was laughing so hard. (But once we saw the swollen ankle we took her more serious)

My parents have been through the pain of having a child die, a child with serious health issues when born, a child with Autism, financial troubles and many more challenges. They have learned that when life gets that hard, there is no way it could Possibly get any harder. So they have started a tradition of going out to dinner to celebrate the good things that are yet to come, rather than focusing on the pain and hurt that they could be feeling during those hard times.
They are AMAZING examples of being positive and laughing through life.

I was reading through my journal the other day and saw this entry I had made many years ago during a VERY hard time in my life.

“Heavenly Father is helping me learn so much about the power of thought.
If I dwell on something, it tends to get larger and larger. (Like a magnifying glass)
I choose each day if I want to be happy or sad, offended or content, by what I dwell upon.
When I focus on good things that will increase my faith and give me hope I become a better person and closer to my Heavenly Father.
On the other hand, if I am constantly dwelling upon my doubts and fears, I lose the faith and hope that are necessary to get me through any challenge in this life.
I am so thankful Heavenly Father is helping me understand this right now in my life. He always seems to give me the answers I need when I take the time to ask him for that help and strength.”

Reading this entry reminded me of why staying close to Heavenly Father is so important for us as mothers.

I hope these 9 steps I have shared with you this week have been of some help to you as mothers. I know that they are the things that have changed who I am and the way I look at life.

Keep up the good work and have a wonderful Mother’s Day!!

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Dannel said...

I loved this personl note. You are such a great person and good mom. I believe in you. I remember lines from you patriarchle blessing and they are happening!!! Incredible, faithful, beautiful Daughter of God! I love you.