Sunday, June 13, 2010

Healthy Summer

Something I am focusing a LOT more on doing with my kids this summer is getting fit and healthy.
I have mentioned before that this is a subject I LOVE to talk about, so I will TRY not to go on and on.

A friend of mine is doing a really fun “boot camp” with her kids this summer. You can read about it on her blog HERE

I also LOVE an article written HERE by a VERY inspiring woman who made a goal to get in TOTAL shape and did JUST THAT. If you look at older posts on her blog you will see just how amazingly in shape this woman really is. It is pretty impressive!!

And because I am ALMOST five months along, I will talk about staying fit while pregnant as well.
I found an article HERE that hit some key points as to why we should stay fit while pregnant.

Pregnancy is NOT easy. I will just get that out there and out of the way. We have extra hormones that bring on all kinds of mood swings and food cravings. Heaven knows I have always liked pickles, but not drinking pickle juice by the cupful.

First of all, LISTEN to your body. If you crave something like chips or fries, stop and think of some other options that may be healthier and that will satisfy that craving. You will be amazed at how many times you can find a healthy substitute that satisfies your craving just as well, if not better. (Because you will not feel blah afterward)

Exercise, exercise, exercise!!!
Having four kids all about a year apart has not been as hard on my body as I thought it would be………….because I worked my tail off during and after each pregnancy.
By staying fit and toned WHILE you are pregnant; you will be able to get back to normal MUCH faster…………TRUST ME!!!!

After I had my first child, I was able to quickly get back down to a weight I had not seen since before College and the “freshmen 15.” I give all of the credit to the fact that I exercised up till the day I went into delivery.
It has been similar with each of my deliveries.

Walk as much as you can. Roller blade, get on the elliptical, go biking and make sure to lift some weights to get that muscle tone to burn calories and fat for you. (5 lbs hand weights are plenty good for a pregnant mommy)
I also like to do some stomach crunches to keep that area nice and toned………….as much as it will while pregnant. ;) A strong abdomen makes for a strong back. (And heaven knows we need fewer backaches while we are pregnant)
And as always, Yoga is a GREAT way to stay lean and strong...........even while pregnant.

Let your body go to the weight it goes to. You don't have to gain LARGE amounts of weight to have a healthy baby. If you are exercising and eating healthy, even while pregnant, your body will go where it needs to go and your baby will be healthy.
Don’t “eat for two.” Just eat for health, exercise for health and you will find the results stunning.

Remember that your example is a HUGE factor in the habits your children set for themselves.
Make this summer a HEALTHY one for you AND your kids.


Jess said...

Love Prenatal yoga. I did that with my second kid and the labor went well and I felt great throughout the pregnancy.

I'll have to look at the link for summer boot camp, but I am very jealous of you folks further north because summer is actually fun for you. My kids don't like to be outside now because of the HEAT. :) Indoor activities, here we go!

Rebecca Hansen said...

i am all for anything that helps me stay healthy during and helps me lose the baby fat after pregnancy! with this upcoming pregnancy i am 100% focused on doing just that! love your blog, super inspiring : )

Tara said...

Thanks for the inspiring post! I read the links you mentioned and enjoyed them. My Relief Society did a similar boot camp a few summers ago and I really enjoyed it. I think I'll try it with my mom and sisters again!

Definitely trying to get in better shape! Thanks for the tips!