Sunday, June 6, 2010


Because I wanted the article read on that last post about “turning off the computer”, I didn’t expound much on how I intend to do that and the reasons I see to do it.
I will share some of those ideas for you now.

For me, I know that the earlier I get on the computer, the more likely I am to go back to it throughout the day. (It just keeps calling my name)
So something I am going to start doing is just leaving the computer off until I have a break. (Basically back to the way it was when I was a little girl. I can get on AFTER my chores are done)

Once I get my “break” to be on the computer, I will have a time limit. (I am thinking a half hour is plenty of time to check my email and blogs.) This may mean I am not as quick to reply to some of my emails and that is okay. Those emails will always be there, but the time I have to spend with my kids is NOW.

I understand that most of us have blogs that we use to “scrapbook” our family events. (Or Journal them)
Trying to update a blog, check other peoples blogs, AND email in just a half hour may not be enough time each day.
Set up an agreement with your husband that you get maybe one hour, two nights a week where you can work on those things that may take a little more time.
(Like right now, my husband is getting in his reading time while I update THIS blog)
Just make sure that you are not spending too much time away from your husband in the evenings. (This is why only a couple of nights a week would be better) You need that time with him each night, so don’t let the computer get between that special time together.

As a friend of mine commented in the last post, the computer offers a lot of socializing for us mothers. It is a joy to be with our children all day, but we do have to communicate with another adult so we don’t go completely nutty.

Through the article in the last post AND the words of my bishop, I have come to understand that although socializing on the computer is nice, it is much better to actually go DO something with someone.
So often we strike up conversations with other moms on the computer, but hardly say a word to another mother at the park.
I am going to make more of an effort to GET OUT AND TALK to other moms. Summer time is a great time to meet other people and have those meaningful conversations while our kids play.
Getting out of the house and being with other people will fill our soul so much better than sitting on a chair in front of a computer while our kids beg for something fun to do.

I know there are some habits I will have to change a bit, but when I think about all of the things I will do and create with my kids with that time I used to waste on the computer, it will be worth it!!

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