Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Self Defense

I recently went to a self defense class with a friend of mine and it was AWESOME!
We learned some amazing moves that can get a grown man on his knees in a matter of seconds. The cool part is that they don’t even take much strength to do.

I highly recommend EVERY mother taking a self defense class…….for two reasons.

1.) You are a women. Enough said.

2.) You might have daughters of your own and you need to teach THEM how to defend themselves.

In our self defense class we were given some pretty sad statistics. I had NO idea that one out of every THREE girls will be sexually harassed or assaulted in their lifetime. Those are some AWFUL numbers!!! It really hit home to me because I have three girls. So using those statistics, one out of my three girls could find herself sexually abused in her lifetime.
So from now on, I will be spending some time with my girls to teach them some of the moves I was able to learn. Repetition is the key. If I go over these moves with them on a regular basis, they will not have to even think twice when they get into a bad situation. The moves will come naturally and the moves will save their life.

Please, please, PLEASE help your daughter(s) be ready to defend herself in a bad situation. It could be the very thing that saves her life some day.

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