Saturday, March 5, 2011

SEW fun!

If you like to sew (like I do) and if you have a little girl, here is something fun you can try.

My husband has been throwing out a lot of his old dress shirts, so I snatched them up and played around with the fabric they had to offer me.

Here is the first skirt I made. (My favorite of the two)
I just cut the shirts into 4 inch strips and surged the sides. After I surged the sides, I gathered the top of the fabric strip.  Then I cute one shirt into a rectangle and attached the gathered strips of fabric to that.
Then I sewed the fabric strips on.
I had initially put a zipper on the side of the skirt so that it would be more fitted, but when I tried it on Audrey I realized why elastic was invented. Little girls don’t have the lovely hips that we women have. Without those awesome hips (ha! I am trying to be positive about them……really) the fitted skirt had a really hard time staying up. So I ripped out the zipper and put in an elastic waist band.
These skirts were so simple to make and a lot of fun to experiment with.
I am kind of on a flower kick, so that was my finishing touch. :)
Happy sewing!!


Kathleen Mangum said...

Love, love there skirts. Why don't you come make some for my girls? I I know you have oodles of free time. Ha, year right. I would need to invest in a surger, but I think I'd need to actually sew stuff first. Which comes first - sewing or surger? I guess I can just hem it all, but the surger marks add cute detail.

Andrea Lee U.R. said...

Surgers are a gift from heaven. Heming and turning fabric under take so much time. I can make something with a surger that would take me much more time without.
You can come over ANY time and sew with me. Then you can see if you want a surger or not. :)