Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brown Sugar Sand Castles

We did a fun little project today so I thought I would share. I feel a little redundant because I posted this on Facebook, but I realize that some of you don't know me and therefore don't see my facebook posts. (guess I should just link the two)
 It was a snowy day and I think everyone in our house was a little more than bummed about it. So we decided to "pretend" it was sunny and do some sand castles.
 The kids washed their hands REALLY well and we busted out the brown sugar. They had a blast!
 Did it get sticky toward the end? YES! Was it worth it? YES!! (plus, we just moved the party to the tub and they had fun taking a bubble bath)
When they were all done playing in the "sand" we used it to make some cookies. (cookies that only we will be eating)
It really helped turn a hard snow day into a fun day. :)

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