Friday, December 30, 2011

7 things to think about when setting goals

It is that time of year when I like to review the goals I have set this year and set new goals for next year. I love looking at all of the things I have been able to accomplish in a year. It makes me feel a little giddy. (Yes, I am a nerd. I think we have established that)

I have already touched a little bit on goals HERE and HERE
But I just recently went to a wonderful event called Time Out for Women. It is a conference JUST for women and the speakers are AMAZING!!  They travel around the USA each year, speaking to woman to remind them who they really are and what is really most important in life. I HIGHLY recommend attending one next year.
(Go HERE to see their 2012 schedule)
They are great for all women in all walks of life. I especially like the insights I get to help me in my role as mother.

One talk that I loved has a LOT to do with how we should be setting goals. So since this is the “goal setting time of year” I thought I would share my notes on that talk. Enjoy!!

The Speaker started out by saying she would focus on these 7 points. They made me laugh but shocked me at the same time.  Wait till she tells you why she focuses on these 7 points. It is good stuff!!
1.)    Stop worrying about your weaknesses
2.)    Don’t try to get motivated to exercise
3.)    Stop trying to find friends
4.)     Don’t try to feel happy
5.)    Celebrate failure
6.)    Don’t get help with your problems
7.)    Don’t endure to the end

Pretty funny huh?  Now I will share my notes on each of these points.
*Stop worrying about your weaknesses
People get more happiness by focusing on their strengths. God does not call us to serve (or be mothers) for our weaknesses, he calls us for our strengths.

Take the time to REALLY think about what your strengths or spiritual gifts are.  Find new and creative ways to use those strengths.

*Don’t try to get motivated to exercise
Motivation follows action. If you WAIT to get motivated to exercise, you never will.
Do it even If you don’t want to. Pretty soon, the motivation will follow.  (I totally agree with her on this one!!!)

*Stop trying to find friends
Instead, develop the characteristics of a true friend.  Treat people like they matter. Help others feel that they are loved and be there for them. You don’t need to “Find” friends if you “Are” a friend to others.
*Don’t try to feel happy
Instead, try to feel grateful. With gratitude comes happiness. Ask yourself EVERY DAY what 3 good things happened to you today. Think about what made those things happen and be thankful for them. Pretty soon, you will not have to “TRY” to be happy, it will come naturally.

*Celebrate failure
Failure often means we are taking the necessary risks to grow, stretch and serve.  Learn from your mistakes and move forward.  Look at a failure in your life and ask yourself what you have learned from it.  Move forward with that knowledge you have just gained.  (Something I say to myself often is “don’t let past failures hold good future probabilities hostage”)

*Don’t get help with your problems
Instead, help someone else. By helping others, it will better our mood and make our problems very small, if not disappear all together.

We are born with sprits that want to progress and serve others. When we don’t do those things, there is NO medication that will make us feel better about it.
Find one thing to do and then go do it. Learn, grow, progress!!! 
Ask yourself every day “who did I help today?”

*Don’t endure to the end
Life is to be enjoyed, not endured.
Start enjoying all of the goodness around you. Savor and delight in the tiny pleasures of life.  Don’t “wait” to be saved from your problems, enjoy them by finding the diamond in the rough.

And those are all of the notes I have on that talk. Good stuff eh?!!!
I don’t think I really need to add anything more to this. Now go set those goals and have fun working to get them accomplished!!!
Here’s to 2012!!!

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Liz and Tyler Hurd said...

I loved this talk at Time Out For Women, I have actually heard it twice and it never gets old or boring. I love this wonderful Sister and all the good insights at TOFW.