Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fishing for Math

Here is a little math activity I did with the kids that they actually LOVED.
I got a fishing pole and attach a clothes pin to the end of the line. Then I filled a baggie with various colored fish crackers. If you have a staircase that works really well. If not, you can always have them fish over the back of a couch.
I had them drop the line (and the clothes pin) over the staircase and then I attached the bag of fish crackers at the bottom of the stairs and gave the line a tug.
They loved reeling in their "fish"
I had them separate the fish into colors and put them in a little pile.
 For the younger children, I had them count each pile of one color and then add each pile together. For my older kids, I had them multiply the colored piles together. (or you could give them 3 large piles to add together for an intermediate level)
 It is a fun way to keep up on those math skills during the summertime and STILL have fun.

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