Monday, September 23, 2013

My Non-Pinterest inspired Party

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Pinterest. I love the ideas that I get from it. I love admiring the talents of others and I love trying new things that people have taken the time to post DIY instructions for.
But one thing I have noticed about pinning things on my Pinterest boards is that I have been so busy getting creative ideas from others, that I am not coming up with my own fun ideas like I used to.........back in the day.
So I decided that for Morgan's 5th Birthday, the kids and I would come up with our own ideas. (and then go post it on Pinterest. ha ha!)
The only thing I did use from Pinterest (because seriously, this idea was too cute not to use) is putting streamers on the door to the birthday girl while she is sleeping. When Morgan woke up, she was so thrilled to see all of those streamers in her doorway. Such a simple way to put a smile on a child's face!!
Morgan wanted a Disney Princess party, so the kids and I came up with some fun games to play..........using the Disney princesses as themes for each game.
I created Princess stations for the girls to go to.
For the Cinderella station, we had one of her glass slippers on the table, but the girls had to find the missing slipper. (I hid it ahead of time)
It was a lot of fun!
For the Ariel station, I reminded the girls about the part in the movie where Ariel's voice was gone and she couldn't speak. On the back of each fish was an animal. The girls took turns picking a fish off the wall and acting out that animal without saying any words. (charades)
For the Princess and the Frog station, I told the girls that they needed to chose one of the stuffed frogs to kiss. If they kissed a frog, the frog would give them a "kiss". (a candy kiss)   
I think this was my favorite station of them all. So funny!!
For the Snow White station, The girls took one apple out of the witches apple basket.
I played music while the girls passed the apple around. When the music stopped, whoever had the apple got "poisoned" and was out. (hot potato)
When we were done playing, we cut up the apples and had a little snack. :)
 Next we had the Princess Aurora station. Instead of pricking our fingers on a spinning wheel..........
We painted them!!! :)
 For the Belle station, I read them a princess story.
 And when we were all done with our "Princess Stations" I had the girls write a letter to their favorite princess. I saw on Facebook, that if you write to this address you will get a reply from the princess you write to. I guess we will see if it actually works.
 After we were done with our "stations," we sat down for our Princess cake.
Fun was had by all.

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