Monday, July 27, 2009

Things I learned at camp

I just got back from a WHOLE WEEK at a girls camp with our church. So a whole week with girls ranging from age 12-18...........yeah, it was quite the experience.

But I did learn something that I feel is very important. At this girl’s camp, we had LOTS of activities that were spiritually uplifting. The girls took time each day to read the scriptures, pray, write in their journals and we also had many opportunities to bare our testimonies of the Savior to each other.

A comment I heard more then once was "why can't we feel like this every day?" Or "why can't we feel this way at home?"
I heard this comment so often; I started to wonder the same thing myself.

Now granted, we were out in the middle of nowhere and didn't have the crazy life we all had back home. But still, I came home feeling like I could do a whole lot more in my home to make it like that girl’s camp. (So we will now be cooking all meals out side in a fire pit and showering once a week. ha ha! jk)

I want my kids to feel the spirit more..........and also more often. I want to bare testimony to them more and help them feel okay with baring theirs.

So last Sunday, I sat down with the kids and talked to them about the spirit, how it feels and how to feel it. I also talked to them about the importance of baring testimony. They all wanted to try baring their testimony and it was so sweet.

So all those LATE nights I spent at girl’s camp were worth it. I am excited to help my kids feel that Love of the Lord in their lives more often! (and maybe, JUST maybe it will help them behave better.)

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