Thursday, July 9, 2009

V8 Moment

I got this book from a friend of mine.

I LOVE this cook book!!! (thanks Lynda!!)It has some awesome ideas on how to sneak veggies and fruit into your kid's food.

Now, my kids already like some fruit and veggies, but I am one of those people that think that you can NEVER get enough. So in addition to putting veggies on their plate, I sneak some into other parts of their food.

Carrots, sweet potatoes, applesauce and cauliflower are the best purees to add to food because they don't have a very strong flavor.

Something I have come up with myself, is adding V8 juice to some of the foods I cook. Last night I added V8 while making meatloaf and it turned out great! (And there were more vitamins then when I make it my normal way)

Just something to think about when making food for the kiddies. :)

You could have had a V8!!
(Okay, I am a nerd)

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Jess said...

You know, I've considered looking this up for MYSELF! I still have my stigma against vegetables, even though I know they are good for me. I need to trick myself. :)