Monday, October 26, 2009

Inside Your Body

A little while ago I got a book by Katie Daynes and Colin King, called “See Inside Your Body.”

This book is AWESOME!!! (But of course, I have always loved learning about the body)

It is a sturdy book with over 50 flaps for the kids to lift and learn about various functions and organs of the body.

I have been using this book with my kids in their daily study time and they are learning so much!!!
Now when I ask the kids what happens when they eat something, they don’t just tell me it goes into their belly, they say it goes down their food pipe, into their stomach, passing through their small intestine and squeezed through their large intestine and then out the shoot. ;)
It’s awesome!! (And remember, they are just ages 2, 3 and 4.........I figure the 1 year old does not care what happens to her food, as long as someone changes her diaper once it comes out the "shoot." ha ha!)

They know that the rib cage protects the heart and lungs, and they know what the Lungs are for. (And it has helped them better understand why smoking is so bad for you)

Here is a list of what this book goes through:

1.) Your amazing body
2.) Eating and excreting
3.) Breathing air
4.) Pumping blood
5.) Bones and muscles
6.) Brain power
7.) The senses
8.) Drinking and weeing (I had to laugh at that word)
9.) Body works

It is just a great book for little kids to learn about their body and what makes it do what it does.

Since we have been learning from this book, My oldest child has been drawing pictures of me like this:

This is me and my stomach + Large intestine. (He told me so)

And this one is of me with my rib cage protecting my heart. ha ha!

This is great stuff!!!


russandkatie said...

I just browsed your blog and found some very great ideas! Thanks for sharing!!!

The Hansen Family said...

haha,so cute!